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Thermal mapping


Bluegis offers ground temperature maps from LANDSAT 8 satellite (band 10). Offered to local authorities, state services and individuals, these data provide a clear view of the thermal differences observed on the site. a territory. Whether it is the study of land use, the identification of heat/freshness islands or the reflection of the urban development plan at the local level, these data allow the performance of various analyzes.


The service in detail : 

  • Selection of data on the desired territory (no clouds, sufficiently high/low temperatures)

  • Raw data download

  • Application of atmospheric effects modeling formulas: image processing for the calculation of temperatures observed on the ground by removing the effect of the atmosphere and taking into account the nature of the surfaces.

  • Adapted colorimetry processing, creation of legend

  • Design of the map (addition of background maps and aerial photographs) treatment of the infrared channel if necessary

  • Editing of the personalized map (possibility of delivering a Geospatial PDF)

  • Customizable requests as needed (data integration in a web interface, results analysis, study carried out between 2 summer / winter or annual periods).

For any request, please complete the contact form.


Formulaire de demande

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